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Wine Advisor

Our Wine Advisors are Sommeliers and Wine & Spirit Education Trust trained professionals who love to talk about wine.

  • JÉRÔME AUCOURTSommelier & Onsite Manager

  • AMICIE DE SAINT LÉGERViticulture and Oenology and Wine & Education Spirit Trust professional

  • ADÉLE GERMAINWine & Education Spirit Trust Professional

  • LOIC LAMYWine Advisor

  • MARION LISIMaster of Sciences in Wine Management

  • SIMON MAHIEUWine Advisor

  • XAVIER MICHELSommelier

  • ETIENNE PAYETSommelier

  • ROMAIN POINETWine & Education Spirit Trust Professional

  • ESTELLE SEMENTERYSommelier and Wine & Spirit Education Trust Professional

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