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Our Stories

2017: A Year of Change

In May 2017, Château de Pommard’s brand new website went live! Forever forward from this point, our site will be the social hub to discover all of our latest events, news and views. And, as I’m sure you’ll agree, it looks super cool too. But it wasn’t the only new thing we announced this month. Let’s take a look at what else has sprung to life among the hallowed halls of this historic winemaking estate…

Crest of a Wave: Our new Famille Carabello-Baum family crest was redesigned in December 2016 ahead of the new brand launch. It is now stamped on all our Burgundy barrels

At Château de Pommard we work hard. So when we accomplish something we are proud of we like to announce it to the world. And May 2017 was the finishing line for many exciting projects related to our “New Look, New Purpose” philosophy that we are incredibly delighted to finally set free into the winemaking wild.Crest of a Wave: Our new Famille Carabello-Baum family crest was redesigned in December 2016 ahead of the new brand launch. It is now stamped on all our Burgundy barrels

Since going live in May 2017, the feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive; we have received many inspiring comments excited about the estate’s latest evolution and as you can see, we’ve been very, very busy indeed.

So, what’s new?


The seductive curves of our new patented bottle – unique and exclusive to Château de Pommard – is something we are very delighted to boast about. Like proud parents of a child, we have been showing off the bottle to anyone who will listen. The shape is unlike any other vessel around these parts. Our Brand and Packaging team have been collaborating closely with our bottle partners Saverglass for six months to bring to fruition. With an innovative neck, capsule and deep punt design, the bottle has been produced with a sense of love and affection that goes beyond passion. The bottle pours perfectly, can be stored efficiently in all underground cellar stacking racks and commercial wine caves. Give it a try!

So, after more than 50 years of dedicated service of our previous bottle shape – introduced in the 1960s by Nadine Laplanche, and styled on hand-blown bottles from the 1700s – we say goodbye, and thank you, to our famous trademarked dumpy Grandma bottle.

Our new sleek shape is seductive and curvy in all the right places. It was patented to ensure all our Burgundy customers will go “Wow” before they’ve even tried the wine. Put simply: we’re serving our customers with even more style than ever before.

We love the new bottle – and we know you will too.

New Bottles: Vivant Micault, Simone and Clos Marey-Monge Monopole’s new look, announced in April 2017, for all 2014 vintages


The culmination of 12 months hard work by the Marketing team, across several iterations and treatments, scores of thousands of words, long and late hours dedicated carefully considering every aspect of the aesthetic, thousands of new photographs and memorabilia dating back to the 1800s and more than a few afternoons spent in local archives and libraries, our website is now live and loud at:

We’re supremely proud of it.

Please feel free to spend as much time as like pouring over our wines, our history, our Wine Experiences and Our Stories. It’s been put together with our loyal customers in my mind.

Of course, because Château de Pommard is all about evolution – we’ve been doing it with every vintage for three centuries, as you well know – we will be updating the site, Our Stories and our news every week, so check in whenever you have a spare couple of minutes.

From the comfort of your home, you can now visit ours! But, and this should go without saying, nothing beats seeing the estate with your own eyes. It will be love at first sight, swirl and sip!

If you have a story you would like to contribute to the website or have any interesting information about the Château, we’d love to hear from you.
Send us an email:

Fall in Love With Life: We aim to create a convivial atmosphere at Château de Pommard


Commencing in May 2017, our six new Wine Experiences offer something special for every type of Burgundy wine lover. Designed by our team, and consulted in collaboration with several tourism specialists, the experiences are bespoke and offer insight, knowledge and entertainment across the board.

Hosted by our team of WSET trained Wine Advisors and Sommeliers, the Wine Experiences extend from a duration of 45 minutes to 2.5 hours. They cater for all tastes, types and ages and are unique and exclusive to Château de Pommard. Nowhere else in Burgundy do you receive such comprehensive wine education.

Climats Experience

Sommelier Experience

Pinot Noir Experience

Chardonnay Experience

Vendanges Experience

Jeunesse Experience

Read more about our Wine Experiences on our website !

Clos Encounter: A Climats Experience in full swing on a Sunny Spring day


It’s not only our bottle that has had a make-over. Our cork has had an extensive cosmetic overhaul too. Stamped with our modified family crest, the cork keeps our fine wine safe and fresh from the oxygen desperate to squeeze itself in.

Supplied by two respected local Burgundy cork producers, from sustainable forests in Portugal and Spain, our new cork accompanies our new bottle by being the very best quality we can source in Burgundy. It’s these little details that make all the difference. Keeping our long-aged wine as safe from the outside world as possible is our top priority. This new cork does its job effortlessly. Where would we be without it?

Top of the Bottle: Our corks, produced from sustainable cork forests, are now stamped with the new Famille Carabello-Baum signature


For three centuries, the Château has been welcoming guests from all over the world. In 2017, we have transformed our former Art Gallery and Exhibition space into a spacious, comfortable and very chilled Tasting Room. Along with our outside Terrace, the Tasting Room is a place to disconnect, relax, spread out and sit down after (or before!) your Wine Experience. There, you can try a selection of our wines and treats.

The Tasting Room is complete with a baby grand piano (feel free to play!) sofas, reading material about the region and all of our wines available at your fingertips. It has been designed for everyone who walks into the Château yearning for a glass of wine, a breathtaking view and somewhere to unwind before heading on to their next destination.

A selection of locally produced canapés are available too. Please just ask the Wine Advisor behind the counter who will be ready and waiting to serve.

No reservation is required to enjoy the Tasting Room, so please don’t hesitate to take a seat and sit back and enjoy the view!

Ready to Pour: Jérôme, our head sommelier, in his new Tasting Room


Since January 2017, we have been slowly transforming our former Tasting Room into our new Welcome Lounge. This tranquil location is the perfect place to begin your Wine Experience, meet new friends and be introduced to your Wine Advisor or Sommelier. Every Wine Experience starts and concludes in the Welcome Lounge. You will be guided here by our Reception team at the front desk.

For those of you who eager to commence your Wine Experience and arrive early, the Welcome Lounge is a lovely place to catch your breath and prepare for the journey ahead. The view out of the window isn’t too bad, either…

Take a Seat: You’ll need a rest after walking around 20 hectares. Sit back and relax in one of new Zen rooms


You can’t have a brand new bottle, new logo, new branding and a new state of mind without transforming the wine label too. Wine labels are often the first impression you make of a wine domain, and so we have poured much attention and passion into creating a wine label we know customers old and new will approve of.  We have taken into consideration the time-honored traditions of Burgundy wine labels and evolved them to feel relevant for the modern age.

Our history at Château de Pommard is writ large into our DNA, its part of who we are. We don’t need to look old to feel old! As we say all the time to our guests, we may be old but we are young at heart  – and our latest wine labels reflects this philosophy beautifully.

Over the decades, and centuries, Château de Pommard’s wine labels have been in a constant state of evolution, representing the design trends and fashions of their time. With that in mind, and as proud participants of the 21st century, the team at Château de Pommard have produced a new wine label, front and back, that speaks for who we are now and moving forward into the future.

The design aesthetic reflects our new philosophy: sleek, seductive and tantalisingly desirable. Wrapped proudly around each bottle is inscribed with the signature of Emmanuel Sala, our winemaker, who pours his heart and soul into every vintage and every bottle, a unique serial number designate to each bottle, and a QR code that can be scanned by your cellular phone that directs you to our website where more details on the wine you hold in your hands can be found with no fuss.

Back to the Future: Our new labels represent who we are now – a 21st century winery


From Summer 2017, visitors to the property will observe first-hand the transformation of Château Marey-Monge. Originally built in 1802 by Nicolas-Joseph and Émilie Marey-Monge as a family home to house their eight children (and France’s then-emperor Napoleon). The Château Marey-Monge has been a family home ever since, used by the de Blic and the Laplanche family.

Today, the stately home, spread over four stories and enclosed by redwood and cedar trees, is being completely emptied and redesigned for the Carabello-Baum family to use as their private residence, as well as a guest house for those who ask nicely.

Renovations and reconstructions to the exterior and interior architecture have already begun, and the transformed Château is due to open its doors to a new family in 2018.

We can’t wait…

Transformation: Inside Château Marey-Monge; second floor. A long way to go!


With all the new news, events and announcements happening in 2017, the team at Château de Pommard have devised a motto to live by, a phrase that encapsulates our new-found state of mind and philosophy. We are proud to pronounce such simple, but lofty, ambitions as part of our desire to engage and communicate with our customers like never before. Life is for living, loving and enjoying. We wish our guests, customers and anyone who shares our ideals to stand alongside us and promote the same positive beliefs.

So, who are we? What do we stand for? What is our raison ‘d’etre? It’s simple but meaningful.

We are Château de Pommard and we simply hope you have a great day and…


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