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International Music Day : Fête de la Musique, Beaune, 2017

On Wednesday 21st of June 2017, the Côte d’Or (and beyond) came alive with the sound of music. To celebrate National Music Day, Beaune’s Fête de la Musique began, kickstarting a night of uniting music makers and musicians with revellers keen to dance the night away.  Instruments were set up on every street corner, and groups performed sounds of all shapes and sizes to anyone who wanted to listen. Which, judging by the crowds in attendance in Beaune, was everyone!

This year, Beaune’s 36th Fête de la Musique is no different with many street performers encouraging people to come out from their houses and dance in the street. From the city’s Place de la Halle through to the Gaspard-Monge library, and 14 different places in between, Beaune came together until the early hours of the morning.

To all those who rocked, we salute you!

Sunset Jazz: Château de Pommard got in on the action on National Music Day. A jazz band warms up in the sunlight sweetspot between our Courtyard of Honor and Clos Marey-Monge, for an event the estate was hosting

Smells Like Teen Spirit: Place Ziem was packed with fans of the Rockin’ Bones who performed Nirvana’s big grunge hit

Place de la Halle: Rock ‘n’ Rollers Dirty Oil & Poppy perform in front of the Hospices de Beaune, and draw a large crowd

Summer Festival Vibes: It wouldn’t be a music festival without beer available on every street corner!

Rue Notre Dame: La basilique Notre-Dame de Beaune, and Pickwicks Bar, was the place to be after 10pm for drinks and dancing to 80s classics!

Live and Loud: Rock ‘n’ Roll of yesteryear was turned up to 11, way after 11pm, in Beaune’s Petite Place Carnot


Musicians and rhythm revellers all across the world joined hands on Wednesday June 21 2017 to celebrate National Music Day—a day to appreciate the many benefits that music making brings to life. National Music Day spotlights the significance of music in our respective cultures, and salutes the many ways that music—both making it and enjoying it—brings people together. A National day for music reminds us that while there is music in the world, we can set down our troubles, pick up our instruments and make a joyful noise. Around the world, more than 100 countries and 450 cities celebrate music day on June 21st with free, openly accessible concerts and music making events open to everyone.

What did you do to celebrate National Music Day?


Place de la Halle

6 pm: Happy Fit United (flash Mob and body jam).

7:30 pm: Studio by Petit Renard (breakdance).

9 pm : Dirty Oil & Poppy (rock’n’roll).

Garden of the Hotel Boussard de la Chapelle

7:30 pm: The Grenier à Sel

(Jazz and bossa-nova).

Place Ziem

7 pm: Rockin’Bones (rock).

Kiosk of Place Carnot

5 pm: Stefan Lorton

(Rock and pop).

7 pm: Camille Mielcarek (Zumba).

7:30 pm: Serge Chamoy and Anthony Legros (accordion).

8:30 pm: Carine and Jean-Louis (French song).

Wine Museum

7 pm: Choir The Enchanted Committee.

20:45: Choir of Beaune in Burgundy.

Courtyard of the Gaspard-Monge Library

From 10 am: festive atmosphere under the sign of music.

Avenue Guigone-de-Salin

20 hours: the Hypnotic and Rive Gauche groups under the marquee of La Balle au Bond.

Rue de l’Hôtel-Dieu

7 pm: The Z’Amies (songs of yesteryear).


7 pm: Charlie (folk).

Street Notre Dame

8 pm: Safi Dani (soul and funk).

Place Malmedy

5:30 pm: Tempo 4.

Promenade des Buttes

From 2 pm: the Espace Jeunes reveals its talents.

Place Fleury

6pm: Dk Deejay and friends (mix and remix).

Street of Alsace

7:30 pm: Country Crazy Dancers.

See you here next year!


As we all know, the show must go on, which is why on Saturday/Sunday July 8th and 9th 2017, Château de Pommard is hosting its very own summer music, food and wine festival, Rootstock.

Tickets are available at http://rootstockburgundy.com/ and includes complimentary shuttle transport from Beaune city center and free wine tastings.

See you there.

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