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Thierry Bezeux
Founder of L’Or des Valois

Thierry Bezeux created his company, L’Or des Valois, in 2003, aiming to offer an exclusive and creative experience to nature enthusiasts. He started by learning the basics of truffle growth, their life cycle and how they have been cultivated for centuries before choosing to share his knowledge with the world’s connoisseurs. He shares his vision with us.

When did you start your truffle  company?

I created my company, L’Or des Valois, in 2003, aiming to offer nature enthusiasts an exclusive and creative experience. I joined a group of committed players with the mission of promoting and developing truffles from Burgundy while respecting Mother Earth. 

How did you develop l’Or des Valois?

It was vital for me to start by learning the basics of growing truffles, their life cycle, and understand how they have been cultivated over the last centuries. I learned from different sources, including local producers, retailers, organizations, as well as markets and gastronomic fairs that broadened my expertise.  I also spent time with Burgundian truffles associations. I launched my business and started developing products with local partners. Once I had a stable position within the marketplace, I was able to create the tourism aspect and started to share my knowledge with the connoisseurs from around the world. 

Why did you decide to use dogs for truffle hunting?

I wanted to strictly follow the primary principles and standards that had been established for truffle hunting. I very much value this pearl of nature and genuinely took care  to respect their production. The dogs are precise in locating these buried mushrooms.Humans cannot find them without the help of a dog. It’s the complexity of finding truffles that makes it such a rare product. 

Truffle growth varies with the seasons. How do you keep your business  throughout the year? 

From day one, I decided to work with all the varieties of truffle species. Of course, I was inspired by the Burgundy truffle, but to become an expert, I had to study the entire range of this peculiar mushroom. During summer, I hunt “summer truffles,” then it’s the local Burgundy truffle in September, and it ends with Italian white truffle as well as the Melanosporum from November until March.

How do you pair a delicate truffle dish with wine? 

I pair  the Burgundy truffle with a white Chardonnay. For me, it’s always a good match, for example, a Saint-Aubin Premier Cru “En Remilly” 2018. You can also opt for a less mineral wine as long as it’s a Burgundy Chardonnay. To do the Melanosporum variety justice, I would go for a Pinot Noir. The Clos Marey Monge Monopole is ideal because  it expresses the essence of Burgundy and enhances the aromas of the “Perigord truffle.”

In the kitchen, how do you make truffles more accessible, even for the less experienced cooks?

Truffles usually don’t come to mind as a standard product to prepare. The whole idea of this project was to prove the opposite. During our experiences, we offer a tasting or lunch with truffles from starter to dessert, not to forget  drinks. It’s a homemade meal of simple  dishes that anyone who enjoys cooking can make. For example, the truffle butter can easily be added to mashed potatoes or can transform creamy pasta into a gastronomic meal. Truffles can also be simply used on toast or on a tasty French baguette, and it will  impress all your friends. I have a sweet tooth, so I love a truffle dessert. My favorite recipe is tiramisu. It’s just as original as it is delicate. Though we only have  truffles on special occasions, we want to preserve the rarity and specialness  of these gems.

Had you ever imagined that you would work in the world of truffles?

I never predicted that I'd be in such a diverse universe. I started my career in the National Marines and was then  an executive in the plastics industry. One morning, as I was watching a breakfast show on TV, I had a revelation. Someone on-screen was promoting the Périgod truffle while showing a Burgundy truffle. You can easily see the difference between them by the color. From that day, I knew I had to share my knowledge and develop the Burgundy truffle market. 

Why did you decide to partner with Château de Pommard? 

Working with Château de Pommard is an opportunity to enhance two authentic Burgundian products, truffles and fine wines. We have a similar vision of sharing knowledge and both aim to teach  the world about our savoir-faire. We work in harmony with nature, delivering quality and exclusive experiences. Food and wine pairings are essential to achieve this goal of uniting a variety of incredible local products.

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