Rootstock 2017 Interview : Joy-Astrid Poinsot

It isn’t just music and wine that Château de Pommard is celebrating at Rootstock 2017. Food too, as always, plays a vital role in everything we do. In fact, it’s so important to us, that we invited TV’s Top Chef Joy-Astrid Poinsot to come and be our top chef for the weekend and light up our Chefs’ Alley with her culinary magic. Located in our cobbled Courtyard of Honor, Chefs’ Alley is the place to be for fresh food, market stalls and a feast of local Burgundian delicacies that taste as good as the sounds of the nearby music.

We caught up with this talented 26-year-old chef during her very own food-based soundcheck in her home kitchen where she was rehearsing new and exciting recipes (gastronomic melodies, if you will) before her forthcoming performance at Rootstock 2017.

Q. Joy-Astrid. A delight to meet you. I know you must be busy, so we’ll keep it brief. You’re a well-known chef these days, but tell us a little bit about yourself…

“I am the youngest of my family. All my family, everyone, we are all obsessed with the kitchen. I began working in my parent’s kitchen, Chez Camille, in Arnay-Le-Duc, when I was very young, and then properly at 16 years old, before training at the famous Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon. That was a dream come true.”

Home Chef: Today, Joy-Astrid Poinsot creates and cooks recipes for La Belle Assiette, Paris

Q. Everyone at Château de Pommard LOVES the first restaurant you worked in. It must have been a thrill to work somewhere so revered…

“Yes! I worked at the Lameloise in Chagny, the only Michelin 3-star restaurant in Burgundy, very close to Château de Pommard! It is a wonderful restaurant. It’s the best restaurant to work in and eat at. Gorgeous. Everyone must go. I worked there when Mr Lameloise owned the restaurant. It is now owned by Eric Pras, a wonderful man. After working at Lameloise, I opened my own restaurant, the Terminus, in Arnay-Le-Duc, specialising in Charolais beef – Burgundy beef! After a few years of that, I went on Top Chef.” 

Top Chef: “My dad’s chocolate mousse was the first thing I cooked. I was 5 years old.” 

Q. What was the Top Chef experience like? 

“I loved Top Chef. The TV show called me and I decided on a whim to say yes. Then one day I arrived in the kitchens of Top Chef and you don’t know how you got there! You see famous, big chefs like Philippe Etchebest, Michel Sarran, Hélène Darroze just walking around and you just say to yourself ‘WOW!’ Top Chef was a very big experience. I don’t think I can really describe it! It’s just Top Chef! Everyday was different. On top of all the cooking, I also had to learn to cook in front of the camera, talking to the presenters and the other chefs, people I very much respect.

Sometimes a presenter would say to me, while peeling carrots, “What are you doing?” and I’d have to answer “peeling carrots”. Then they’d ask you “why do you peel the carrots?” and you have to give them an answer, even though everyone watching knows the answer. They do it just to disturb you and that’s what was very interesting about the whole process. Before Top Chef, I was very afraid and embarrassed to speak to a camera. But now, I can cook and I can speak and I can have a camera in front of me all day! Doesn’t bother me.” 

In the Kitchen: Joy-Astrid’s live cooking show at Rootstock starts at 3.30pm. Don’t miss it!

Q. Were you swamped with interesting job offers after the show?

“After the TV show, I spent four years in Paris at the Grande Cascade, a Michelin-star restaurant. Today, I am a private chef, I cook privately for small groups and for hundreds of people at a time. It’s perfect.”

Q. How will you be preparing for Rootstock? 

“My job at Pommard – I can’t wait! On the Saturday, I will be performing a live cooking show at 3.30pm. What am I cooking? I would prefer to keep the recipe a surprise! After that, I will arrange the food and drinks for the VIP terrace on the Saturday night, which I can tell you will be very cool. Everything will be super fresh and tasty.” 

Chef on TV: Joy-Astrid Poinsot’s time on Top Chef helped her realize her dreams

Q. I hope that you have a chance to relax, listen to some music and drink some wine during the weekend….

“You can’t go to Pommard and not drink wine! It’s not possible. I am a Burgundy girl. I didn’t drink milk when I was a baby, I drank wine!”

Q. Final question. I know that eggs and beef are your specialities in the kitchen. But what is your favourite food you like to eat when you go to a restaurant?

“I love pigeon. I love the meat, so tasty, I am in love with the pigeon!”

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