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Jasper Morris, - 2017 Château de Pommard

Last September, Jasper Morris, Master of Wine and founder of, visited our estate. He met with Emmanuel Sala, our winemaker, and together they tasted our beautiful 2017 vintages. Here are his comments on our Clos Marey-Monge wines.

Clos Marey-Monge “Micault” 2017: 2 stars – 87 points

“This plot is nearest the river, on alluvial soil. The vines are exceptionally vigorous, so have been cordon pruned and deprived of fertiliser. The wine has a light if slightly sombre colour. The nose offers a pretty, cherry-scented perfume. There is some elegance to the fruit, more weight behind, a few tannins emerge, correct acidity, a little bit of heat.”

Clos Marey-Monge “Les Paules” 2017: 3 stars – 88 points

“A blend of the 2001 and 1942 plantings. Rich concentrated purple and much more evidently powerful Pommard nose compared to the Micault cuvée. While the wood is clearly present (40% new), the power of the fruit can clearly support it. This has broad shoulders and purple fruit with some plums.”

Clos Marey-Monge “Chantrerie” 2017: 3 stars – 89 points

“A leading cuvee grown on complex clays, a mixture of old and young vines, with 55% new wood. Slightly the deepest and darkest to date with an inky weight to the fruit on the nose. Pommard plus. Very backward in one sense though the ink shows a little post bottling ‘bottle shock’, all a bit mixed at the moment. I doubt if this sample properly represents the wine.”

Clos Marey-Monge “75 Rangs” 2017: 3 stars – 90 points

“Planted 1962 always the most saline. No topsoil here. Gravels instead, stones and clay then compact limestone gravels. Fine deep dark colour. The nose has a plummy richness, a little touch of salt, not quite the uber classic Pommard sense which the Grands Champs bottling delivers. 45% new wood shows only in a trace of vanilla but not much more. This has breadth and depth as well as the iodine touch, which apparently always shows up even during fermentation. Here it is most evident at the finish, but marries in well.”

Clos Marey-Monge “Grands Champs” 2017: 4 stars – 91 points

“Another very dense colour, the oak (a balanced 20% here) is already well integrated. This is classic Pommard, sturdy for sure, with an excellent tannic structure, but huge weight of fruit, easily enough for the structure. A nice touch of wood at the back adds distinction to the finish. Good length.”

Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2017: 4 stars – 91 points

“This is the principal wine produced, being a blend which contains wine from all of the separate plots, including Simone. Full bright red purple, with plenty of energy to the nose, dark fruit, this appears very complete from the first nose. Everything is in balance, showing quite a lot of wood, but well assembled, a little bit if heat from the alcohol but this may be a passing phase, soft rich and compelling.”


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