Life in Pommard : Part One

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For the past several months, we have been carrying extensive research into our own history. We have been searching archives and libraries across the Côte d’Or, Paris and online. The process has yielded not only lots of fantastic true stories, myths and legends ; but also lots of photography, ephemera and artefacts. However, our research hasn’t just revolved purely around Château de Pommard. We’ve also looked into the world around us. Burgundy and the tiny but important village and the famous winemaking appellation we call home – Pommard. For years, centuries, millennia, Pommard has been regarded as postcard-picture perfect ; the quintessential picturesque place where small town tranquility and serenity fuse with four seasons. Inspiring history, fine wine and, every now and then, the pulse of vibrancy and energy that makes Pommard feel alive. 

For Part One of our “Life in Pommard” series, an ongoing deep dive into our local and international history, we thought we would start sharing just some of the many hundreds of postcards that depict life in Pommard from as far back as we can find – so far. These postcards have been sourced from various locations and give us a wonderful insight into the village’s evolution and transformation over a series of several centuries.

Each image is a moment in time and the more you look at them, at the faces and fashions, the architecture and the transport, the ways of life, the more you get a sense of how important history is and how Pommard has been shaped by each person, each family and each traveller that has sought out this beautiful Burgundy location, a beacon for all of the Côte d’Or. Pommard is so much more than just a winemaking appellation – it’s a place where history is made every single day.


PommardPommardPommard Pommard  PommardPommard Pommard Pommard Pommard

As part of our ongoing collection of historical artefacts ; if you know when, specifically, any of these photos were produced or taken, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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