Rootstock 2017: Flo Malley – Exclusive Interview

Flo Malley has had a busy few years. Between 2008 and 2010, the singer was a double finalist of the renowned Sankofa Soul Contest. He was one of four finalists on The Voice (France) which led to him starring in two hit musicals. In 2015, Flo signed to Polydor Records and now, in 2017, the electro-pop heartthrob releases his first major label single, ‘Mon Coeur Sous Les Verrous’ to great acclaim. His next big success is just around the corner, with an intimate acoustic performance at Rootstock 2017…


Q. Flo! How are you and what are you up to right this minute? 

“Today, the band and I are started rehearsals for our Rootstock 2017 show – very exciting. And, obviously, I released my first single, ‘Mon Coeur Sous Les Verrous’ only a few days ago, so now I am promoting it as much as I can. Later this week, I am performing at La Maroquinerie in Paris with Freddy, which I am also super excited about.”

Q. I love the title to your new song. How have your fans reacted to this?


“Really good! It has been welcomed very well so I am happy. People tell me the like the song and the production… so all is cool.”


The Voice: Flo Malley was the first candidate on the first season of The Voice, France in 2012


Q. You got your big breakthrough on The Voice in 2012. What was that experience like? And what have you been up to since?

“Thanks to The Voice I found my voice. I would say the experience overall was stressful and  all consuming, but I loved it. Being on the show has allowed me to follow my dreams. I enrolled in the Folies Bergères on a singing and musical course, and then joined the cast of Salut les Copains and then Disco, starring as the main character.”

Q. You’re now signed to Polydor-Universal Music label. What kind of sound are you aiming for?

“The songs I have been writing are very electro-pop inspired. But there is a little bit of soul in there too…”

Q. Do you ever sing in English? I can see many fans in the UK enjoying your music.

“The lyrics I write are in French because it’s easier for me to sing in French as I want to perfectly understand in the moment what I am singing. Right now, it’s important to sing in French as a lot has happened in the country in the past two years so there are lots of stories I want to tell.”


Making Waves: Flo’s first single after The Voice, ‘Ailleurs’

 Q. You’re clearly passionate about music – but what do you love about it particularly?

“What excites me the most about writing music is when that moment comes and you finally find a melody, or words, that fit perfectly with the music or some chords. That’s magic.”

Got it Covered: Flo rearranges Goyte’s massive hit ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’

Q. Where does lyrical inspiration arrive from?

“Storytelling, mainly, I like to tell stories and my songs are stories. I am not a producer nor a musician. I play guitar, but I need people with me to compose. This allows me to concentrate on the lyrics. I am always composing with a producer, but I guess my main inspiration comes from artists like who Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Brel, who wrote amazing stories.”

Q. Are they your idols? Who else do you look up to? And have you met any of them along your way to becoming famous?

“Unfortunately, many of my idols are now dead so it’s very hard to meet them. But my idols have always been Bob Marley because his music was useful. I like the way he came from a poor village in Jamaica, became a huge star and then his music became political.”

Hit Single: Flo Malley’s first single for Polydor records, ‘Mon Coeur Sous Les Verrous’

Q. With your  background from Folies Bergères, Salut Les Copains and Disco, you look like you could throw some decent shapes on the dancefloor. Is that a big part of your performance at a show?

“I don’t really know how to dance but I love it! I like to work out my muscles, so I like to really move. All I want is to be very much in the face of my fans and I will be bringing all that rockin’ energy to Rootstock.”

Q. There’ll be a lot of wine on hand should you need even more confidence to dance.

“I know the wine of Château de Pommard is famous, I have heard about it. But I have never been there before so I am looking forward to it. I hope I don’t leave too early after the gig the next day – I may have had too many glasses of wine! – so I hope to really get to see the place properly.”

 Q. Are you looking forward to your Rootstock 2017 performance? 

“Yes! We are looking forward to performing. There will be three of us on stage and we are going to prepare six original songs from my EP and the rest will be covers. It will be electric, even though it’s on the Acoustic Stage. I hope people will dance and enjoy themselves.”

Heartthrob: 2018 looks set to be even busier for Flo Malley with the release of his debut album

 Q. You’ve been very busy for a few years. What’s next after Rootstock 2017? A holiday?

“I hope to release two or three more singles this year and maybe an EP or album, depending on their song’s success! Lot’s more to do…”

For more information on Flo Malley, check out, Facebook: @FloMalleyOfficiel and Twitter: @FloMalley

For more information on Rootstock 2017, check out Tickets on sale now!

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