Rootstock 2017: June – Exclusive Interview

Finding fame and success in 2016 as a 23-year-old finalist in France’s biggest singing competition, Nouvelle Star, Mélanie Di Pietrantonio, or June, as she is adored now on stage, is now adjusting to life as a full-time singer, dedicating her life to her music. Currently writing songs for major artists (including herself), and performing all over the place with her Pure Productions team, June looks set to continue her rapid ascent into the stars.

Q. Hello there, June. You must be busy recording, writing and touring, I guess…

“Yes, everything at the same time! I’m currently composing for several french artists, as well as writing my own music. So I spend every single day in the recording studio with my team right now, writing songs, recording them and writing more!”


A New Star: June’s first appearance on Nouvelle Star in 2016 

Q. The judges and the audience adored you on Nouvelle Star. Can you describe the experience?

“It was unexpected and surprising. I never thought I’d ever have the opportunity to perform on a TV show, but I can’t remember one bad moment of it. It was amazing, I learned so much about myself, my taste in music, what I want to do and who I want to be. I met so many people, and laughed so much every day. I wouldn’t change anything about the experience or any of the songs I sang on live TV.”

Q. Now that you’ve found your sound, how would you define it? 

“I can’t really name the style I’m doing. It’s organic, for sure, full of instruments. It’s a form of pop music, I guess. This is all brand new for me because I used to write and sing folk songs, but now I’m into beats and more uptempo songs, so it’s all very exciting to think what collection of songs I’ll end up with.”

June: Mélanie regularly posts cover songs to her Facebook page and updates of forthcoming live shows

Q. When did you fall in love with music? Can you remember a precise memory?

 “I can’t remember actually…I know I’ve been singing my whole life. My parents used to tell me how I was singing before even talking, before I even said “Mom” and “Dad”. I’ve always listened to a lot of music. Then one day I realised that was the only thing I wanted to do. It’s quite weird when you think about it! It sort of just hit me unexpectedly.”


Q. What do you love most about making music, in particular your own.

“I love finally find the perfect melody or beat that you know straight away to a song – such a powerful feeling. You make all these mistakes, and then there it is – the answer. I also love working with my friends – music is the best way to learn something new everyday while composing especially when you spend time with talented people. I love it. Most of all, singing makes me feel so so happy, I can’t describe the sensation, it’s indescribable.”

Crowd Pleaser: Mélanie was a big hit with the judges and millions of TV viewers who voted to keep the singer on the show

Q. What energy do you bring to your own performances. Are there any surprises the Rootstock should look out for?

“I’m in love with performing. It’s the best moment of my day when I get to walk out on a stage. I want to perform music until I’m dead! As for my own shows, what a difficult question. Simplicity and smiles – that’s what people can expect. I’m not that original, I’m just a girl who likes to sing more than anything and I think that happiness gets absorbed the audience who then leave happy.”

Q. Rootstock 2017 is just around the corner. Excited? 

“I can’t wait! Firstly, because I’m so excited about meeting all the amazing artists on the line-up, and because I will be singing my new originals songs I’m writing at the moment. It’s going to be great for me to present these new songs to people who haven’t heard them before and hear what they think.”

On Tour: Mélanie June may be writing for major artists, but she performs around Paris regularly. Keep in the loop with her Facebook page for more details

Q. I know you’ve been to Château de Pommard before.  What do you think about the location and the wine?

“I love Burgundy. I spent much of my childhood there, so it always brings back good memories. My friend Charlotte works at Chateau de Pommard and I have had the chance to visit her a couple times. Of course, I fell in love with the place. It’s charming and beautiful. As for the wine, I’m definitely in love with Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2010. I’m hoping that after my performance I am able to have a glass of Simone!

The First Audition: The Nouvelle Star judges were wowed by Mélanie June

Q. Please tell us that you are you releasing your own music this year or next. Everyone here is very excited to hear it…

“I hope so! I’m working on it, every minute of every day! I might release an EP at the end of 2017. Let’s cross our fingers…”


For more information on June, head on over to her Twitter and Facebook pages, @melaniejuneoff and

For more information on Rootstock Burgundy and to purchase tickets, head on over to www.

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