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Château de Pommard receives the INAO Organic Certification

POMMARD, FRANCE (October 5th, 2019) – Château de Pommard and Famille Carabello-Baum are proud to announce that the Clos Marey-Monge vineyard has officially received Organic Certification by a French certifier, accredited by the INAO (National Institute of Origin and Quality).

Through the organic viticulture certification, the estate has proven that no chemicals, nor pesticides or GMO are being used in the production and lifecycle of the grapes. In the past few years, Château de Pommard has strictly followed the rules of organic agriculture, which include biological control and preventive methods to fight against plant diseases.

“This organic certification for our vineyard is just the first necessary step into biodynamic conversion. We are glad to receive this certification. The real challenge is the Demeter certification which should take us three additional years, although we have been following the biodynamic principles over the past four years.” Emmanuel Sala, Winemaker

The organic certification is a quality token for the vineyard and most importantly for the traceability of the wines produced from the Clos. Château de Pommard produces approximately 100,000 bottles per year, from Simone, the most prestigious cuvée of the estate only available on allocation, to Clos Marey-Monge “Monopole”, a unique blend of the seven microclimates composing the Clos.

Additionally, the second step will be the Organic Certification for the wines. To get this certification, the wines must come from an organic viticulture and vinification process should follow technical specifications such as the use of organic approved list of inputs. As the grapes from the Clos have just been harvested, the 2019 vintage wines will be ready to taste in two years from the organically certified bottles.

Four years ago, Château de Pommard began its collaboration with Nature with the ambition of producing biodynamic wines. As a result, the viticulture certification is the first step of this conversion which can take up to six years.


About Château de Pommard and Famille Carabello-Baum

Every year, consumers and professionals from more than 80 countries around the world visit Château de Pommard to learn about the world of wine from Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) professionals and taste the purest expressions of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from villages along the Route des Grands Crus. From the grape to the glass, guests experience Clos Marey-Monge, a geological marvel, and home to seven distinct clay and limestone-rich plots, now protected as one of the world heritage Climats of Burgundy by UNESCO. Founded in 1726, Château de Pommard combines three hundred years of savoir-faire and the innovative vision of Famille Carabello-Baum for the future. Wine lovers and critics agree the conversion to biodynamic viticulture is producing honest, energetic wines infused with an unmistakable sense of place while preserving the planet where we all live.


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