Clos Marey-Monge Monopole

Seven Terroir, One Vineyard

Protected within the iconic 2,000-meter-long fortress wall, the seven terroir of Clos Marey-Monge have been cherished for three centuries and cultivated for two millennia. A collection of varying multi-strata compositions of clay, limestone, silt, soil and sand – the magic ingredients that define our terroir – this ancient vineyard was awarded premiere cuvée by Jules Lavalle in 1855. With each of the separate distinct and distinguished terroirs rewarded with its own micro-climate and benefiting from different degrees of sun exposure, elevation, soil depth and vine age, Clos Marey-Monge Monople emerges triumphantly from our signature blending of the seven terroir to create one exceptional wine. An elixir renowned for its profound elegance, balance, complexity and length.

Varietal: Pinot Noir

Our Clos Marey-Monge Monopole Vintages

Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2014



Sweet and Spice

Our 2014 vintage was a gift sent from heaven. Or, as we like to call it, Clos Marey-Monge. With its deep luminous ruby complexion and shining purple tints, it's a treat for the eyes as much for the tastebuds. An authoritative aroma blooms with fresh black and red fruits, sweet spices, dark grapes and a lick of licorice. Characteristic flavor notes of chocolate, hazelnut and berries are present on the palate. A firm but ribbon-smooth elixir, with silky and finessed tannins that flows superbly into a long and intense finish, Clos Marey-Monge 2014 leaves lips feeling satisfied. For the most authentic taste of the four terroirs blended within, leave the bottle to age for 2–3 years.

Unusual Weather, Exceptional Vintage

This year’s vintage perfectly captured the memory of 2014’s unusual, and unpredictable, weather. At the beginning of the season there was much promise. The three months of Spring were warm and dry, culminating in an early bud break and bloom at the start of June. However, by the end of the month, cooler and wetter weather took control. On June 28th, a hailstorm – similar to the awesome power that struck in 2012 and 2013 – damaged several villages across the Côte de Beaune, including Pommard. Summer was defined by wetter-than-average weather and cool temperatures. A few hot days in July helped the vines recover their ground, but worsening conditions took control again during the first two weeks of August. By mid-August the weather improved, with mostly dry and sunny conditions aiding the grapes to a steady and juicy maturation. In September, the sun remained a constant element and a northerly wind bolstered ideal conditions; the grapes reached optimal maturity come mid-September, when the Grand Champs, Émilie, Chantrerie, Micault and Les Paules plots, used in Clos Marey-Monge Monopole’s final blend, were hand-picked in mid-September under clear blue skies.

Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2013



Luminious Ruby Glow

Clos Marey-Monge 2013 continues to be highly rated and reviewed. Little wonder, considering the gifts on display. It's the waves of fresh roses that come first, evolving into fragrant woody tones, supported second by sweet spices, dark grapes and a subtle pulse of cinnamon. The palate expresses lots of ripe fruit combined with damp earth and walnuts, smells that point to several years of aging. Firm and dense in structure, with velvety tannins shining through the dark ruby glow, Clos Marey-Monge 2013's medium body and high acidity offer remarkable complexity and an endless, persistent length. Give it a few years to find its time to shine, 2019 will be fine.

Lost and Found

After the small yield, but delicious flavors, of the 2012 vintage, 2013 was another year mother earth proved its hegemony over the vignerons and vignobles of Burgundy. The bud break was relatively late, seeping into June, following a cold and rainy Spring. Throughout June, intense rainfall delayed floraison (flowering), introducing an increased risk of blight. Pommard, as well as surrounding appellations Volnay, Beaune and Savigny-lès-Beaune experienced a near-fatal hailstorm, identical to the power that struck in 2012. We lost fifty percent of the harvest, and a lot of sleep, in June. In July and August, the weather turned again, this time for the better. Warmth and sunshine clothed the vines like a large hug, guiding the grapes to ripen perfectly at the end of September. The harvest began on September 23rd, with Clos Marey-Monge bare of all ripe fruit come October 2nd. The year’s unstable conditions struck again with huge storms across the region’s vineyards on October 5th and 6th. Thankfully, just a few days too late to do any more damage to the overall yield.

Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2012



Fruit Sensation

Clos Marey-Monge 2012 is as acclaimed as it is delicious. Led by a morello cherry complexion with ample support from the generous and delicate scents of peony, poppy, dried rose and a plethora of black fruits dominant at first, with blackberry licquer and blueberry in there too. A remarkable complexity, a gift from its medium body, high acidity, ripe and fat tannins and persistent length. Mouth-watering to say the least. The finish is long with spicy notes. A perfect pair with Burgundy's traditional dish of the day, Coq au Vin.

Small But Heavenly

This vintage began with an almost devastating start that caused many of us at the Château to have sleepless nights. The earliest days were the most perilous: a Spring frost and a hail storm in June threatened the blossoming of the buds and the safety of the vines. Intense rainfall between April and July, high humidity levels, fungal diseases and mildew were some of the other major challenges the vintage threw our way. The beginning of August, with dry and warm temperatures, saved the vintage, for which we were eternally grateful. The hand-harvesting of the grapes began on September 17th, with a 20 hl/ha total yield delivered from a bruised Clos Marey-Monge. Despite this tiny yield, the glorious weather that concluded the season ultimately produced a vintage that is both super-concentrated, highly-delectable and highly-collectable. The vineyard earned a well-deserved dormancy after a complicated year.

Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2011



A Deeply Aromatic Nectar

Underneath its purplish red sky, garnet reflections populate the glass, while ripe fragrances of fresh and dried fruits dominate on the nose. Think plum, apple, elderberry, raspberry, almond and peony, scents that evolve into dark grapes and spices on the finish. Clos Marey-Monge 2011 is delicate, savory and starts soft and round in the mouth, before growing in power and flavor. This is a very good 2011, a tricky vintage, with remarkable complexity and super velvety tannins, so forget assumptions. The finish is long with a slightly saline pulse, underscored by hints of graphite and gingerbread. A powerful and solid wine, Clos Marey-Monge 2011 will age for many years – leave it 8 to 10. Be patient. Let it work out the kinks of the vintage.

Perfect, Once Sorted

Like previous years, 2011 blossomed from a dry and warm Spring, opening the door to sunny days and high temperatures in April, resulting in earlier-than-expected bud break. It’s always a relief to see the buds, after months of winter dormancy. The warm temperatures continued in May, allowing for an accelerated, but healthy, growth of the vines, clothing Clos Marey-Monge once again in a glorious ocean of green. Flowering and fruit set came together beautifully on May 20th, precisely one month ahead of nature’s usual schedule, compared to previous years. This difficult vintage began its harvest on August 20th, with the Grand Champs, Les Paules, Émilie and Micault plots of Clos Marey-Monge independently hand-picked when the grapes had ripened to perfection. 2011 is a vintage renowned for the health of the grapes and for the extreme pickiness required on the sorting table.

Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2010



Fine and Elegant

Shining through the dark ruby red color, its the purple spark that will draw your eyes to the glass. Floral aromas – peony, rose and violet – display their depth. Black fruits follow: black currant, blackberry and cherry. A subtle hit of spice, for sure. They're all there, giving the wine a strong aromatic power. Clos Marey-Monge 2010 is marked by its profound complexity, full and round on the palate, with silky-soft and mature tannins and a persistent length.

Disaster Averted. A Classic Burgundy Vintage

After the triumphant yield and outstanding vintage of 2009 – alas, it sold out very quickly – 2010 had to rise to the challenge of being just as excellent. A lot to ask for in Burgundy these days, but thankfully it rose to the task superbly. Today, Clos Marey-Monge 2010 is acclaimed as a truly outstanding vintage, up there with the very best. Throughout the Summer, the grapes' maturation season was hindered by disastrous weather, hindering their ripening speed. September’s exceptional conditions saved the season and guided the grapes of Clos Marey-Monge to maturity. The yield was small overall, contributing to the high flavor concentration in the grapes. The vineyard team did an excellent job of remaining vigilant on the sorting table, weeding out the weaker grapes. As a result, Clos Marey-Monge 2010 is a powerful and complex wine and a thoroughly adored vintage. One to keep for a very long time.

Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2009



Sold Out!

A magnificent Burgundy vintage. As you would expect, we are no longer with stock. The 2009 was dominated by floral fragrances of red and black fruits – cherry, the highlight – sweet spices and pepper. A hint of chocolate. Beautifully ripe and fleshy with the famed complexity, soft silky tannins and persistent length you expect from the fruit of Clos Marey-Monge's year-long, hard-fought labor. If you own it, keep it. To be savored on that special occasion.

Burgundy At Its Brightest

What a year – what a vintage! 2009 saw the vines enjoy ideal conditions throughout their cycle, in particular during their maturation phase, when sunshine was plenty and high temperatures remained so, bringing with it a heatwave that shone a light on Clos Marey-Monge throughout August and September. The reign of heat allowed the fruit to ripen perfectly, especially since early September also continued with sunshine. When the rain came in mid-September, it was a welcome change of pace. Clos Marey-Monge was hand-picked under bright skies by September 15th, when Emmanuel Sala had tasted the grapes from each of the seven plots and approved grape maturity.

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