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2018 Decanter World Wine Awards – Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2015

Judged by a choice selection of some of the most celebrated wine experts, the Decanter World Wine Awards is the largest and most influential wine competition in the world. To win a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal in the competition means that you are ranked with some of the very greatest wines available on the planet.

DWWA has judges from around the world, including Masters of Wine and Master Sommeliers, and many of them are the foremost experts in their field. Judging is organized into categories, initially based on region.  The judges taste wines individually. They know the region, style and price bracket, but they don’t know who produced the wine or the brand name. They then compare notes on the wine and reach a consensus on each wine’s medal.

Medal categories correspond to the 100-point scoring system used by Decanter and many top wine critics around the world.

Wines are judged on their own individual merits. That means it is entirely possible for several wines to receive a Seal of Approval or to be awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal in one session. Similarly, another session may yield fewer medals.

Clos Marey-Monge 2015 : Bronze medal – 88 / 100 Points

Clos Marey-Monge 2015 : What a remarkable vintage! We’ll be talking about 2015 for years to come. In Clos Marey-Monge, the vines seemed to develop very quickly. There was an early bud break, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it flower bloom at the beginning of June – the hottest since 2003, followed by a three-week heatwave with temperatures consistently hovering above 40 degrees celsius. The grapes began veraison in mid July. Then in the first half of August, rain showers and cooler, cloudier weather took control, balancing out the earlier heat, which returned in the second half of the month. The clos was ready to be picked on September 2nd, with the tight bunches of pinot noir bustling with thick-skinned and very healthy fruit – perfect maturity.  A beautifully sunny harvest with the idea picking conditions, began in Simone on the 2nd, finished in Grand Champ on September 10th. A bright future awaits this vintage.”


About 2018 Decanter World Wine Awards 

A team of 275 judges, including many of the world’s top experts, blind tasted 16,903 wines tasted in the competition. By the end, they had awarded 50 Best in Show medals, 149 Platinum medals, 439 Gold medals, 3,454 Silver medals, and 7,079 Bronze medals.
Read more at https://www.decanter.com/decanter-world-wine-awards/decanter-world-wine-awards-2018-results-available-now

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