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The pursuit of endless beauty

Who is Simone?

The succulent taste of allure and seduction, Simone reveals her secrets, her true identity, only to those who are devoted to wait until that perfect moment when she is ready. A breathtaking icon that embodies the divine magic of Burgundy, Simone is a captured enchantress, the very essence of ageless beauty and an immaculate mystery yearning to be solved.

The Grand Terroir

Born to a complex terroir that is a true Burgundian curiosity, Simone is sacred ground. Only half a hectare in size, this clay-rich plot was classified première cuvée in Jules Lavalle’s 1855 analysis of Burgundy’s soils. In 2009, Claude and Lydia Bourguignon proved Lavalle’s classification inaccurate. A comprehensive scientific study confirmed that Simone's soils has one of the highest recorded clay densities in Burgundy, equal to a Grand Cru. Home to many of the oldest vines in the vineyard, we tender Simone the respect and affection she deserves – horse-ploughing her soils, hand-picking her grapes, and barrel-aging her wine for an extended duration of 22 to 28 months.

A Taste of the Eternal

Barely contained within her little black dress of a bottle, a vessel that perfectly shrouds her dark ruby curves in mystery, Simone is a limited-edition cuvée only available as a celebration of truly superior vintages. Only four vintages are available today. If Simone disappears into the night, who knows when we will see her beauty again. Best laid down for a minimum of 20 years, this elegant elixir will tease and tempt you everyday with her sumptuous and seductive flashes of purple and her sparks of rose and peony on the palate that irresistibly evolve, for what seems like an eternity, into intense scents of cherry and blackberry.

Our Limited Edition Cuvée

Simone 2013


Timeless, Endless Elegance

Barely contained within her sleek dress, Simone 2014 envelops the senses of all those who wish to learn her secrets. Dark ruby curves and a seductive purple sparkle around the edge of the glass showing off finessed legs. Simone 2014 tastes as delectable as she looks. Her smell is intoxicating too, with generous flashes of rose and peony constructing cherry and blackberry aromas on the tongue. Delicate, vibrant, delicious, Simone 2014’s high acidity and rich flavor structure are a complementary companion to the gloriously smooth tannins on show. With a savory finish that lingers in the mouth and a subtle caress of salinity that continues to resonate after the final sip, this exceptionally fine wine is a highly-prized and collectable vintage. Like all vintages of Simone, 2014 deserves nothing more than to be aged for many years and shared only with those who are patient enough to seek her true value.

Lost and Found

After the small yield, but opulent flavors, of the 2012 vintage, 2013 was another year that mother earth proved its hegemony over the vignerons and vignobles of Burgundy. The bud break was relatively late, seeping into June, following a cold and rainy Spring. Throughout June, intense rainfall delayed floraison (flowering), introducing an increased risk of blight. Pommard, as well as surrounding appellations Volnay, Beaune and Savigny-lès-Beaune, experienced a near-fatal hailstorm, identical to the power that struck in 2012. Clos Marey-Monge lost fifty percent of her harvest, and we lost a lot of sleep, in June. In July and August, the weather transformed again, this time for the better. Warm temperatures and sunshine envelop and clothed the vines, guiding the grapes to ripen delightfully at the end of September. Simone’s harvest began on September 23rd, with Clos Marey-Monge bare of all ripe fruit come October 2nd. The year’s unstable conditions struck again with huge storms across the region’s vineyards on October 5th and 6th. Thankfully, just a few days too late to do any more damage to the overall yield.

Simone 2014


Simone 2015



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