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It's the passion and talents of our amazing team that enables us to produce wines renowned for their
elegance and beauty.


Michael Baum

CEO & Propriétaire

"My personal journey with wine began 25 years ago when I first traveled to France. The beauty and delicacy of Loire’s Sancerre, Côte de Rhone’s Grenache, Mourvèdre and Cinsault, Aix en Provence’s beautiful Rosés and the climats of Burgundy – all were like nothing I'd ever tasted before. Like other explorers of the wine world, I tried everything. But, my tastebuds always came back to, yearned for, French wine."

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Antoine Lepetit de la Bigne

Biodynamic Specialist

"When tasting wine, everyone can experience for themselves the impact that a certain form of viticulture has on the quality and expression of the terroir. I became aware of the potential to produce more expressive wines while studying at Paris’ École Polytechnique, founded by the great Gaspard Monge, father of Émilie, Château de Pommard’s famous wine heroine."

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Emmanuel Sala


"Being a winemaker isn’t just my job – it’s a calling. I’m proud to be a Pommard winemaker, especially at the historic Château de Pommard. It’s hard work, but the new vintages every year make it all worth while. My first major role in winemaking was at Domaine Josmeyer, Alsace, where I started my lifelong love affair with biodynamic winemaking."

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Victoria Drouelle

Director of Finance

"Today, now I have settled into my new role as Finance Manager, I spend half my time between Lyon and Pommard where I work alongside a passionate team dedicated to one of my favorite pursuits – wine! It’s what connects everyone at the Château, and it’s lovely to watch and listen people talk about it so passionately every day – even early in the morning! "

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Eric Pignal

Assistant Winemaker

A native of Normandy, Eric studied mathematics and finance at University of Paris Dauphine and initially worked as a financial analyst. But still, he felt like something was missing. He’d often find himself thinking of his father’s best friend Jean-Pierre de Smet – former winemaker at revered Burgundian estate, Domaine de l’Arlot.

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Julie Lacroix

Human Resources Manager

"I have always believed that enjoying your work is the key to success. With Clos Marey-Monge just outside my window, it's difficult not to enjoy work! All of Burgundy, and Château de Pommard in particular, is a story book – a journey to the world's most historic wine region and a trip back in time. My role at the Château is to work with our diverse team of people and transfer the positive energy we have into everything we do, especially our wine."

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Jérôme Aucourt

Head of Onsite Sales, Sommelier

"Meeting people from all over the world and sharing the beauty of Burgundy wines is my passion. So my job at suits me perfectly – it’s what I do all day! I joined Château de Pommard in 2007 – the same year Emmanuel Sala started – after completing my studies at business school, in Annecy, specializing in wine. That look of genuine amazement on peoples' faces as they try our wine is something you just don’t see that often in the “real” world. I see it everyday."

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Peter Vukovic

Chief Technology Officer

"I’m a product architect, designer, and developer with a deep background in digital media and technology. I excel at helping companies embrace digital transformation and use modern technology to connect with customers and get more done."

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Vanessa Guebels

Wine Education Director

"Growing up on a small family vineyard on the mountains of Reims, in the Champagne region, meant that my earliest memories are full of being surrounded by grapes and vines. Every Harvest I would be in the vineyards or winery with my family lending a hand where I could, often riddling (remuage) and bottle labelling. "

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Emmanuel Sainson

Vineyard Manager

"Since starting as Vineyard Manager at Château de Pommard towards the end of 2017, I have wanted to quickly set up an excellent working relationship with the already established, and hard-working, vineyard team. The one thing that immediately struck me when I arrived to Clos Marey-Monge was the friendly atmosphere."

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Beautiful Wines. Amazing team

Spirited, smart, open-minded, confident and fun

We are a family-owned and operated Château and the largest privately-owned Clos remaining in Burgundy. One big family, our team is connected by our mutual respect and commitment for living in harmony with nature and our collective ambition is to make beautiful wines that we are proud to share with people all over the world.

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Our Home is at the Heart of Burgundy

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