Jérôme Aucourt – Head of Onsite Sales

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Listening to people, being positive and talking about Burgundy wine are my passions. So my job at Château de Pommard suits me perfectly — it is what I do all day!

I’ve worked at the Château since 2007 – the same year Emmanuel Sala joined as head winemaker. I came here after completing my studies at business school, in Annecy, specialising in wine. That look of genuine amazement on peoples’ faces as they try our wine is something you just don’t see that often in the “real” world. I see it everyday. Burgundy wine, it just inspires us all. Not because it’s wine (that’s a happy coincidence) but because of where we make it, how purely we make it, who makes it and the thrill of sharing it with new friends.

As head of onsite sales, my job is a challenge. We have many expectations – both business and for our guests – and I meet a lot of different people and personalities every day. The next few years will be very exciting. My role is constantly expanding and evolving to account for all the possibilities of which we can take advantage. In 2016, my team implemented a new digital sales system – we call it ChâteauForce! We want to better serve, engage and communicate with our customers. I love to tell our onsite guests all about our new future projects, who are equally excited to learn about them. Especially the renovation of the two Châteaux, the expansion of the winemaking facilities, the biodynamic viticulture and our new-and-improved Wine Experiences.

I grew up in Burgundy, and have lived ten minutes from Pommard all my life. So, of course, I have loved and known Pommard wine since I was old enough to sample it. But my work at Château de Pommard is more than just convenient passion. I am not proud to admit that I fell in love with Emmanuel’s respectful and intuitive winemaking philosophy. Any Burgundy wine lover will understand that his love for the earth and Clos Marey-Monge is unparalleled. You can taste that passion, that adoration, in his wine. I am convinced our new biodynamic direction will produce a new classic Burgundy Pinot Noir. I can’t wait for the day that I get to taste it – I will be the first in line!

My wife Allison and I love to take our children to the mountains as often as possible. The Alps, home to the best skiing in the world, is only a few hours’ away by car. So between December and March, if you can’t find me in my tasting caveau talking with guests, I’m on a mountain.

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