Peter Vukovic

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I’m a product architect, designer, and developer with a deep background in digital media and technology. I excel at helping companies embrace digital transformation and use modern technology to connect with customers and get more done.

I started my career in advertising, first as a designer and later as a creative director for Ogilvy & Mather Sarajevo. What was supposed to be my first job, turned into a 10-year long love affair with the advertising business, working on award-winning campaigns for clients large and small, including DHL, Kraft Foods, and Procter & Gamble.

Seeking opportunity to sharpen my product development skills, in 2012 I took a position of a Chief Technology Officer at, a Silicon Valley VC company focused on university entrepreneurship. Within a year, I hired 9 engineers and we designed and launched the world’s first web-based startup education platform.

For three years, our product was being used by 200+ companies around the world, helping them get better at playing the startup game. There are no words to describe seeing your product in use by real people – this was one of defining experiences in my life and I am grateful for every second of it.

With a sharpened talent in technology space, in 2018 I became a Chief Technology Officer at Château de Pommard, a family-owned wine business from France with Silicon Valley ties and no shortage of vision – becoming a global, digital-first experience company with operations across wine, travel, hospitality, and education.

If you ask around, you’ll learn that I’m really good at design, tech and managing teams. Personally, I think I’m best at combining and acquiring skills to solve any creative or engineering challenge you throw at me. I build my plane on the way down, as Reid Hoffman would put it.

I believe in hard-work and getting things done. I also believe good strategy beats bashing the head against the wall.

I love to travel, read, write, code, cook, and teach, not necessarily in that order.

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