Rachel Croft – Marketing Director

After nine incredible years living a chaotic London life and heading up Getty Images’ Global Marketing Partnerships team ; I yearned to fuse my work with my passion for Burgundy wine and rural French living. I just needed to find my dream job. 

I started working at Château de Pommard as Marketing Director in April 2016.

Responsible for driving brand awareness, engagement and loyalty, the role is a lot harder than a lot of people assume. Just because the estate is 300-years-old, and based in the famous wine-growing village of Pommard, doesn’t mean to say the job is easy. It’s Burgundy, so we face stiff competition from all our neighbors and friends!

But, where we differ, is our vision for the future. We are currently transforming from an 18th century winery into a 21st century luxury wine experience destination. We’ve got a few years of hard work. I’m keen to grow our brand internationally by reaching out to a new audience of millennial wine lovers. This goes through innovative marketing campaigns and social media, as well as remaining true to our loyal and devoted customers, of course. But when we achieve our goal, Château de Pommard will be the No.1 wine destination in Burgundy. With Clos Marey-Monge in our back garden, it’s easy to be confident.

For the marketing team, I have a clear and simple vision: to share the wonder of Burgundy, for all to enjoy. Our new Wine Experiences, available in 2017, offer something entertaining and educational for everyone. As much as I would like to keep all of our wine for myself, I take a greater pleasure in sharing it ; with wine lovers simply looking for a place to come relax, disconnect and enjoy the famed convivial lifestyle of Burgundy. Trust me, it’s twice as good as it looks in the pictures.

My first experience of the Côte d’Or came when my Burgundy-obsessed father-in-law brought my husband and I on a “wine education vacation”. We visited the appellations of the region in 2014 and 2015, visiting both times at Château de Pommard. Immediately, I fell in love with the place, the people and the wine. When the Marketing Director role jumped out at me from LinkedIn, I leapt at the chance to combine business with pleasure. People tell me I have the dream job. I don’t disagree.

I live in Beaune, the next village north from Pommard. With my husband and enjoying hiking into the “mountains of Pommard” with a backpack full of baguettes, cheese, charcuterie and wine, and deep-breathing in the view. Bliss.

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