Rakesh Hegde – Chief Technology Officer

Travel and wine are my two passions. So, after more than 20 years in the technology industry, joining the team at Château de Pommard as CTO felt like a natural next step. I’m enjoying every moment.

Over the years, I have been employed for my consulting and technology expertise by a number of well-known travel brands, including STA Travel, Virgin Atlantic, Mark Travel Corporation and Disney. Each new experience at these companies showed me how travel and technology are ideal companions when combined (as they have been in recent years) and immediately – and repeatedly – revolutionizing the travel sector, an industry that had existed without much innovation for some time.

So, I had an idea. In 2011, I founded my second company, Rezopia, a cloud-based travel Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The company was acquired by Sonata Software in 2015. The sale afforded me the opportunity to pursue my other passion – Burgundy wine.

When Michael Baum purchased the Château in 2014, he asked me to help a few days a month to revolutionize the estate’s attitude to technology, bringing in super-fast internet and computers. All I asked for in return was a case of wine each month! Since then, my role has expanded greatly and I now oversee the use of all tech. ChâteauForce, our sales’ system software to customer, marketing cloud, booking, eCommerce and functionality databases… As you can imagine, bringing an 18th century winery into the 21st century takes a lot more than just magic.

Apart from being a tech-geek (and proud), I am an avid runner and have run more than a dozen marathons. So, if you see me jogging up and down the Route des Grand Crus early in the morning, please do come say hello. Away from the Château, I’m currently involved in School-Force, a Silicon Valley non-profit education foundation. One day I’ll focus solely on that. Right now I’m concentrating on bringing a Silicon Valley sense of modernity and progress to Pommard. The possibilities for technological innovation at Château de Pommard are endless, and do not interfere with our traditional Burgundian values.

With my wife, Pushpa, and our two sons, I live in Redwood Shores, California. I travel to Pommard for two weeks every three months. I have my hands full, but thankfully only with things that I love and cherish.

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