Samuel Grivaux – Viticulture Manager

I remember the exact day I arrived at the Chateau — July 4, 1997. It was a summer job that was to last two months. That was 20 years ago! I’ve loved every day since.

Like a lot of people who work at Château de Pommard, and throughout Burgundy, I found my life’s passion ; a passion for the vine, was also to become my profession and obsession. My affection for my work comes from the close proximity with Mother Nature – staring directly into her eyes. It’s daunting – every season brings new challenges – but exciting and rewarding too.

Working so close with the geography and the soils of Clos Marey-Monge everyday requires first the patience to observe her ; listen to her. Then to give the vines the best conditions possible so that they can, in turn, express the true beauty of her terroirs. We don’t take advantage of Clos Marey-Monge, or overwork her ; we work in symbiosis with her diverse soils and micro-climate.  And we respond to each of her personalities in their own way, respecting what the Clos tells us she needs. And nothing more. She trusts us and we adore her – like all good marriages!

As an experienced viticulturist, the Clos’ variety in soils, climates, rootstocks and age of vines has enabled us to build an incredible body of knowledge and how to manage the vineyard’s specific requirements and desires, forever changing with each new season. Embracing biodynamic viticulture is now enabling us to further our understanding of how to present the real taste of the terroir in our wines. Viticulture and winemaking requires ambition. But, above all, it requires the humility to tell ourselves every day that we owe everything we are to the earth. Burgundy’s unique position – at the confluence of three major climate influences (southerly, oceanic and continental) – means the vineyard work is not always predictable. But the climate provides us with variation in every vintage. And this is what makes Burgundy resonates with wine lovers all over the world.

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