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Sophie Petitjean – Assistant Viticulturist

It is always said in our world, that a truly great wine starts in the vineyard. And that’s true. For 20 years I have worked with Burgundy vines, never as their employer, but as a collaborator. I do not ask for any more.

I joined Château de Pommard in August 2016, and work alongside Samuel, and the rest of the vineyard team, predominantly guiding the vines and working in the cuverie. With the large Micault plot requiring immediate replanting with healthy vine stocks and the implementation of the biodynamic methods, as well as our new winemaking facility being built, there is a lot of work to be done. But what is work, when you have the chance to live your passion? I knew Château de Pommard was the right fit for me when I heard they had announced their conversion to biodynamic agriculture. This is the greatest way to make wine, listening to nature and moving in synchronisation with it.

I love Château de Pommard. It is full of history, humanity, colors, and people dedicated to a singular cause. Not wine. Nature. Wine is the end result, yes, but only because, for the whole year, we have all protected Clos Marey-Monge, nourished her, guided her to get to the stage where she is able to bear fruit. Without being committed to her needs, and nature’s, there is no wine.

As the newest recruit to the vineyard team, I have but one desire for the year ahead. To nurture the Micault plot back to health, watch her vines grow strong and make sure she sings. In the vineyard team, you can only look into the future one day at a time. Nature doesn’t allow us to get too far ahead of ourselves. Other than this, I have been assigned several projects, some out in the field and some educating the Château de Pommard staff on the specifics of biodynamic viticulture. Everybody wants to learn, and I am happy to teach!

Every lunch, come rain or shine, I run around Clos Marey-Monge. I’ve ran around in blazing sunshine, frost and dustings of snow. If you’ve never gone for a run around a ancient vineyard, you should try it. It’s a great way to inspect all the vines and making sure they are healthy and sure beats going to the gym!

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