Vendanges – A Wine Harvest Experience

Be a part of an unforgettable Burgundy harvest day

Château de Pommard is delighted to offer a limited number of guests the opportunity to take part in the harvest of Clos Marey-Monge 2018. Hand-pick grapes in the vineyard, get picky at the sorting table and participate in the start of the vinification process. Working up a thirst alongside our vineyard team in an ancient Burgundy vineyard is the experience of a lifetime. Each guest is treated to a glass of Burgundy Chardonnay to start the day, along with a choice selection of locally produced canapés too.

An Authentic Wine Harvest Program

  • Vendanges Orientation and Safety Review
  • Tasting of Burgundy Chardonnay and Local Canapés
  • Clos Marey-Monge’s Terroir, Soils and Vines
  • Meet the Vineyard Team
  • Daily Vendanges Update
  • Hand-picking Grapes in Clos Marey-Monge
  • Meet the Winemaking Team
  • Sorting and Vinification
  • Blending, Aging and Bottling
  • Tasting of 8 wines in a private cellar

Discover the Techniques of Grape Picking, Sorting and More

The only way to learn about harvest, or vendanges, is to experience it. The energy that unites Burgundy during harvest time is captivating and the beauty of everyone working together is a sight to see.

On your Vendanges Experience, you’ll see the entire harvest team in action and become one of them! From biodynamic vineyard operations to determining fruit maturity, hand-harvesting and sorting, to learning all about our maceration, blending, barrel-aging and bottling methods, prepare to be amazed.

Our Vendanges Experience, unique to Château de Pommard, is the only way to truly be immersed in the world of viticulture and winemaking. If you want to observe Burgundy at its best, this experience is a must.

An All-round Wine Tasting Offer

Our Vendanges Experience offers the opportunity to taste a variety of wines, each one evolving through the vinification process and directly from the fermentation vats in our Cuverie and straight from barrels in our 18th century cellar.

As your palate samples wines at different stages of their development, you will observe up close how practices in the vineyard and the winery combine to influence and inspire every vintage. It is our goal to send you home with a new appreciation for the science, art and magic that goes into every bottle of wine.

During this great day out among 200,000 vines, you will experience many of the grand traditions of harvest, including snacking on a selection of Burgundy delicacies perfectly paired with a range of wines from local appellations, as well our own delectable vintages.

Amicie de Saint Léger
Wine Advisor, Sommelier

Professional Wine Advisors

Our Wine Experiences are hosted by Sommeliers and Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) trained professionals. Our Wine Advisors offer a thoughtful and authoritative approach to help you learn about the history of wine, biodynamic vineyard management, our signature winemaking techniques and the art of tasting. Groups are limited in size to eight participants to best provide a convivial environment where you will feel comfortable asking questions, interact with other visitors and expand your wine knowledge.

A Stunning Burgundy Area

Château de Pommard is located south of Beaune, the heart of Burgundy. Our Wine Experiences take place onsite at the Château in our Wine Experience Center, a place designed to engage your senses and expand your mind. At 20 hectares, Clos Marey-Monge, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, provides the perfect classroom to fully connect with the savoir faire that makes Burgundy the most desired wine region in the world.

Is this your experience?

The Vendanges Experience is ideal for intermediate to advanced wine lovers, those who wish to see nature and winemaker in action. While not that strenuous, some level of physical activity is required if you want to take full advantage of the experience.

“Can’t wait until our wine arrives!”

“Tailored her presentation to our level of knowledge. Made us feel very welcome and did not rush us.”

London, UK – January 2018


“An excellent advisor at our side told us the delights of the Chateau. We continued with an equally exciting wine tasting experience.”

Germany – May 2018

“Thank you! A superb experience.”

“Very thorough discussion of the wines, was informative, friendly and engaging. Answered all of our questions thoughtfully.”

New York, US – January 2018

Book Your Vendanges Experience

Exact dates of availability will be confirmed 15 days before the start of the harvest.
This experience sells out quickly. Please book in advance if you are interested.

Duration 3 Hours
Price 100€ per person
Private option available with an additional 75€ per person
Tasting 9 wines
Type Group (limited to 12 guests per day)

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