Meet Vivant Micault

Fierce, fruity and full of vitality

Bursting With Life

A youthful concentration of vitality and energy almost too alive to be captured, this vibrant wine is how our founder, Vivant Micault, would want to be honored. Yearning to make his mark on the world, Vivant is the pure embodiment of this fresh and fierce wine and the living, breathing definition of his own name – a "vivant", someone burning to live life to its full. Indeed, it was Vivant’s independent spirit and visionary spark that compelled him to establish the now-hallowed grounds of Château de Pommard in 1726.

Young At Heart

Produced from the youngest vines of Clos Marey-Monge, but born from a terroir that have been cultivated for two millennia, Vivant Micault is bursting with energy, yet tamed with elegance. Even our youngest vines are now mature, around 30 years old, the same age as Mr Micault was when he founded his Pommard winemaking empire. All of the diverse terroir that produce this wine are hand-picked, aged separately and then blended in precise proportions to bring out the best of each cuvée. Every vintage of this fresh and fruity wine is created with just one purpose: to be shared and savored with friends, family and those you can't live without.

Alive With Flavor

Instantly emerging with intensity from the bottle are bursts of fresh and juicy fruit aromas – currant, raspberry and strawberry. Waves of blackberry, morello cherry, dry flowers and leather also melt leisurely into the foreground. The vivid ruby color, with its flirting purple dress, perfectly complements the mineral freshness, leaving a salivating sensation of satisfaction for all the senses to enjoy. Alive with flavor and a tight tannin structure, Vivant Micault is a wine that defines the moments that matter most. It is produced to remind us that there is no time like the present. No time like now. Because Vivant Micault is ready to be enjoyed, and adored, today. It's what Vivant would want.

Our Vivant Micault Vintages

Vivant Micault 2013


Viva Vivant!

Made from the youngest vines from Clos Marey-Monge’s Grand Champs, Micault and Les Paules plot, Vivant Micault 2013 is as juicy, fruity and wild as ever. Defined by fierce hits of fresh cherry, blackberry and raspberry, the wine’s fruit flavor is beautifully balanced out by a clean minerality and high acidity. As the flavors fade, the finish stays long and keeps its freshness. A great wine for the everyday moments to celebrate so share with good friends today. This wine will keep for five to ten years.

Lost and Found

After the small yield, but delicious flavors, of the 2012 vintage, 2013 was another year mother earth proved its hegemony over the vignerons and vignobles of Burgundy. The bud break was relatively late, seeping into June, following a cold and rainy Spring. Throughout June, intense rainfall delayed floraison (flowering), introducing an increased risk of blight. Pommard, as well as surrounding appellations Volnay, Beaune and Savigny-lès-Beaune experienced a near-fatal hailstorm, identical to the power that struck in 2012. We lost fifty percent of the harvest, and a lot of sleep, in June. In July and August, the weather turned again, this time for the better. Warmth and sunshine clothed the vines like a large hug, guiding the grapes to ripen perfectly at the end of September. The harvest began on September 23rd, with Clos Marey-Monge bare of all ripe fruit come October 2nd. The year’s unstable conditions struck again with huge storms across the region’s vineyards on October 5th and 6th. Thankfully, just a few days too late to do any more damage to the overall yield.

Vivant Micault 2014


Vivant Micault 2015



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