A Winemaker’s Time in Pommard

With Age Comes Wisdom

Pommard is more than a picturesque winemaking village in Burgundy. It’s bursting with more colors than just ruby red…

The people, the passion and the personalities that make Pommard thrive all year round are also as precious as the beloved wine. One of our favorite Pommard videos online ; there aren’t many yet, a fact we are fixing ; features a year-long observation of the village. It is beautifully observed and captured by the visual and creative talents of François Desperriers and Aurélien Ibanez, with original music by Anthony Duchêne. The film, entitled “Pommard, Vigneron Time”, passionately covers the theme of time, throughout one winemaking year, with some incredible time lapse photography, as well as the people who come together to make Pommard, and its wine, so special.

If you’re a fan of Pommard wine, then this video will not disappoint. In fact, you may end up watching it more than just the once. Enjoy….

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