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Our Wine Advisors’ Guide to … Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, rather than just dusting of a recipe from one of the Laplanche family’s cookery books that we keep in our Archives – a recipe that will never taste as delicious as the homemade ones your family have been cooking for decades – we thought we’d give you much more practical information: our Wine Advisors guide to what wine they’ll be serving this Thanksgiving Thursday and why they are the perfect pairing for your festive feast.

Because many of our international team are based in the US, every year we like to celebrate this important American family tradition with elegance and style.

So, we asked four of our most foodie Wine Advisors – Amicie, Romain, Louis and Thomas – to find their four favorite locations around the estate and talk about their four Thanksgiving wine recommendations.

Let’s tuck in!

ThanksgivingReady to Serve: The four wines (and one digestif) of Thanksgiving 2017

Amicie de Saint Leger, Chassagne-Montrachet 2013

ThanksgivingOn the Terrace: Amicie recommends one of our most popular Family wines – Chassagne-Montrachet 2013

“Everyone wants to start their Thanksgiving party with style, and Chassagne-Montrachet 2013 does just the trick. This 350-hectare appellation, situated in the south of the Côte de Beaune, has a high concentration of well-draining limestone and clay and is one of the most revered Chardonnay terroir in the Côte d’Or. The vines from which we make this Family wine are planted on the Chassagne hills at an altitude between 220m and 325m above sea level allowing them maximum exposure to sunshine. Perfect for Chardonnay!

So, let’s talk about the color and flavor of this powerful and elegant wine! Chassagne-Montrachet 2013’s pale yellow hue with golden hints whets the appetite first – it looks so irresistible in the glass! – allowing aromas of white flowers, citrus and fresh hay to get your nose excited. Fresh, and full of a flinty minerality, with a long and mouth watering finish, the 2013 is guaranteed to make your party guests get in the Thanksgiving mood. Savor every drop.

If you intend to serve Chassagne-Montrachet 2013 with an entreé or amusé bouche, fish in a rich creamy sauce or pan-fried scallops would be ideal. Enjoy!”

Amicie, our Wine Advisor for Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Luxembourg, can be contacted here for your Holiday season orders.

Louis de La Brosse, Vivant Micault 2014

ThanksgivingIn the Cellar: Louis recommends Vivant Micault 2014 – one of three wines from Clos Marey-Monge for the first red of the evening

“Produced from the 30-year-old vines of Clos Marey-Monge – the youngest, but still relatively mature – Vivant Micault 2014 is a Pinot Noir bursting with fresh and juicy fruit flavors and aromas – currant, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, morello cherry – they’ll all come rushing to meet your nose. Give the wine a long and deep swirl – let the aromas float up the glass. You’ll find notes of dried flowers and leather floating around too.

I love how Vivant Micault looks and feels in the glass – it’s a particular vivid ruby that looks as good as it tastes; it’s a fine first red wine to introduce the Thanksgiving feast, especially if a feathered game, or a cheesy soufflé, are on the entrée menu. The mineral freshness and tight tannins boost those rich flavors from the food without adding any extra heaviness. Vivant Micault 2014 is still a young wine, and still en route to its peak, but it has that “quaffability” factor that makes it a champion wine to share with friends and family for Thanksgiving today.”

Louis, our Wine Advisor for Eastern France, can be contacted here for your Holiday season orders.

Romain Poinet, Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2014

ThanksgivingIn the Vineyard: Romain recommends Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2014 for the “Main Event” –  Roast Turkey with Sage Stuffing

“As I always like to say to our guests and clients, main courses were made for Clos Marey-Monge Monopole! Pulsating with red fruit flavors, the elegant Clos Marey-Monge Monopole 2014 hits the seasonal sweet spot, especially if  roast Turkey, roasted beef, cured hams and thin slices of duck or goose are to be served.

We’re very proud of this vintage as it is one of the most highly-praised vintage among experts and critics. James Suckling, one of the most regarded and influential wine critics in the world, awarded this 2014 with a score of 91/100. “A firm and silky red with chocolate, berry and hazelnut character. Medium to full body and silky tannins. Flavorful and intense.” James’ words – not mine! But I agree completely. James also added that the 2014 needs two years to open, which is why I have chosen it to serve at my Thanksgiving feast with my US friends this year. The wine is now behaving at its best and will stay this way for several years. I hope you enjoy my recommendation!”

Romain, our Wine Advisor for Paris, can be contacted here for your Holiday season orders.

Thomas Moschetta, Maranges “Les Loyères” Premier Cru 2014

ThanksgivingIn the Garden: Thomas recommends our Les Loyères Premier Cru 2014 for Butternut Squash

“Often overlooked in favor of the popular Pumpkin Pie, we must remember that another savory staple of every Thanksgiving feast is, of course, Butternut Squash. This bright orange vegetable is a sweet side dish that perfectly complements the juicy fats of a Roast Turkey and it can be served in a multitude of ways. My personal favorite is cubed, caramelized and roasted to a slight crisp. Simple and delicious. And I have just the right Pinot Noir recommendation to accompany it: Maranges “Les Loyères” 2013.  It’s a wine that elevates the squash’s sweetness.

The 11-hectare “Les Loyères” parcel, roughly half the size of Clos Marey-Monge, is acclaimed for the fruit aromas from its grapes – black cherry, blackcurrant, licorice, preserved and spiced red fruit and rose, particularly in this 2013 vintage when it’s stil relatively young. On the palate, the wine is fresh and balanced with a long, revealing and succulent finish. If you’re serving squash – then you won’t go wrong with Maranges on the table. That’s a guarantee.”

Thomas, our Wine Advisor for French trade, can be contacted here for your Holiday season orders.

Marc de Bourgogne

ThanksgivingIn the Courtyard: Perfect for dessert and, of course, Pumpkin Pie – Marc du Bourgogne

We’ll leave it to Wine Advisor Louis to leave this Thanksgiving story on a sweet high with our pomace brandy, a Burgundy speciality –  Marc du Bourgogne. This delicious spirit is produced from pressing the remaining grapes’ skins, pulp and seeds together after the juice from the wine has been transferred into barrels.

“No Thanksgiving feast is complete until a few drops of Marc du Bourgogne have been swirled in your glass and shared around the table.  You might be feeling heavy in the stomach, and unable to consume one morsel more, but this digestif is a great way to bring your Thanksgiving meal to a close, especially if you’ve enjoyed an onslaught of roasted meats, potatoes and vegetables.

The fruity hit of our Marc du Bourgogne cuts through these lingering and succulent meat fats, leaving your senses on a crescendo of dried fruit, prunes, dates, raisins, vanilla and peppery aromas. This combination of elements ensures that Marc du Bourgogne pairs particularly well with Pumpkin Pie, or Tarte à la Citrouille, as the French call it. A superb way to finish Thanksgiving. Any more recommendations? Get in touch!”

For more wine and food recommendations, please ask a Wine Advisor for assistance.

To ensure your wines reach you in time for the Holiday Season and the New Year, get in touch and leave it us do all the hard work.

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